Services and treating.

  • Doctor's consultations.

Consultations are carried out by experienced, qualified and multidisciplinary doctors who speak several foreign languages. If the need arises, a doctor can come to your home.

  • Doctor home visits

If your state of health does not allow you to visit the clinic, you can call a doctor into your house.
At your home, it is possible to perform various medical procedures, as well as to take tests for laboratory research.

  • Analyses.

It is hard to imagine the modern medicine without analyzes. Thanks to the laboratory diagnosis, doctors get up to 70% of the information about the state of health of the patient. There is a wide spectrum of laboratory analyzes for the diagnosis of various diseases.
They include haematology, biochemistry, markers, hormones, immunology and serology, urine tests, cultivation of microorganisms, antibiogramma, biopsy, analysis of a semen, swab samples, analysis for parasites, food intolerance tests for the following elements: E/200 + 206 different products (15 kinds of meat, 36 types of fish, 46 types of fresh and dried fruits, 39 types of vegetables, 22 kinds of beans and corn, 26 sorts of spices, 22 other varieties of products.

  • Diagnostics.

We have the ability to perform a high-quality instrumental diagnostic for conducting surveys, detection of pathologies, and disorders.
We are closely monitoring the progress of treatment and prevent the development of diseases in the future.

  • Treatment.

Our clinic provides a wide spectrum of treatment methods. We have been developing an individual treatment plan for each patient, which can consist of drug therapy and physiotherapy, and complement other treatment methods with homeopathy, reflexology, etc.

  • Medical certificates

In our center, you can get a medical certificate (you need to pass a general survey for this purpose). Moreover, you can get a certificate that you have done the necessary analyses for various institutions.

  • Vaccination.

The vaccination is performed on the patient's request.




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